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This is Steve Critchlow's Rebel Racing Real Street Mustang, wow thats a mouthful, Would you believe he drives this car to events, thats right NO trailer. His last event was to Ennis, TX all the way from Ohio, woooo thats a long haul, and placed 8th out of 100 cars. Great Job!! Keep up the work, there is nothing like a real street car. Best ET to date 10.93 @ 126.44

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    Would you believe that C. Boyd doesnt even own a trailer. His 82 Z-28 is a all throttle no-bottle 3200 lb small block chevy. It runs 10.90's @123 mph.It's hard to see but this car even has 15 x 7 front rims and Rear Street Tires. Any of the regulars at Orlando Speed World know this car could tell you that it is one fast Real Street Car. Yes it even has a CD player for those long hauls. 
    This is Kurt Gess's 66 Factory Five Racing Cobra Replica, he and his brother Karl build these cars for anyone that would like to have one. Your Mustang 5.0 gets stripped down and the parts fit right into this kit. The car weighs less than 2000 lbs completed. It comes with its own frame, 4 inch round tube and a ninylester body, plus all the interior components, lights and many miscellaneous parts needed to complete the car. If you buy a Mustang 5.0 and buy this kit, you will have everything you need to build a Cobra Clone.  
       This is Gary's new ride he is workin on. (not sure where he is from) Looks like it is going to be pretty fast and fun to drive.
    This is Tom's 1966 Chevy II Nova. It's a Small Block 350, bored .030 over, Fuelie Heads, 850 cfm Holley carbuerator, Pink Rods, Keith Black 11.5:1 pistons, Turbo 350 trans, Ford 9 inch rearend, 4 wheel disc brakes, with 4.11 gears, She's Pretty Nice.

Just a FUGLY Reader's Car

67 Malibu / 3600lbs 461c.i.d.-9.76 to 1 comp., chet herbert solid cam, 3.5 inch exhaust 2-chamber flowmasters, 3500 conv., 4.10 12 bolt, oval port heads, homemade no-hop bars, homemade rear upper adjustable swing-arms. Leaving the car in DRIVE...11.54@113! (7.36@94 1/8th mile )

    This is Jerry Hogan's TA. This is one bad car, you better think twice before lining up against this at a stop light in Chicago. (you think i'm kidding) Lets just say it is fast!!!!!

    This is Ryan's Big Block Malibu launching at RT 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL. He has street driven this car plenty of times around Chicago.
    This is Swedens fastest smallblock Ford. We built everything ourselves, from the engine, 25:1-C Chassi and Fiberglass body. The engine is based on an aluminium Fontana Clevor block and brodix 301 heads. we run it on methanol and are competing in a street race series in Scandinavien called Nordic Pro Street Cup in a class called Supersmallblock. The best time so far this first year is 7.54. Peter Haglund, Mousetrap Racing, Sweden


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