1970 Chevelle SS

     This car started out as a complete daily driver but wasnt fast enuf. He put in a nice 720 HP Race motor with nitrous, and that wasnt enuf ....hmmm Lets see....... how about 900 Horsepower w/o nitrous....yeah!!!!!! A couple of things needed to be done first. Ladder Bar Chassis by the Pudlo Racecars, then went to Hoger Engineering in Joliet, IL for adjustments. The Drivetrain is a 12 Bolt Chevy w/4.10 Gears, Turbo 400 w/Pro-brake Coan 9" 5000 Stall Speed, Cheetah Shifter, Stock Brakes, MSD 7AL-3 Ignition System w/Pro-Billet Distributer, Stock Water Pump, Stock radiator, All Steel except Glasstek 4" Cowl Induction Hood, Stock Interior, 8 Point Roll Cage, Coil Overs , 10.5" Mickey Thompson Slicks, Dynoed @ 930 HP..........ok Lets see how fast it'll go!


Best ET 9.71@ 139 m.p.h. w/o nitrous. This car tips the scales at 3800 lbs with Driver (me)................Thanks for trusting me Phil


I am sorry to say that this car has been sold.




LAST REVISED April 3, 2005